ASC Metals, through its ACE brand, is acknowledged as one of the country’s foremost specialists in this field. We supply many government departments and local authorities as well as industrial and commercial organisations across the country. All our flagpoles are made from aluminium alloy tube, supplied to the highest standards.

Aluminium has many advantages over wood or fibreglass and represents the ultimate in lightweight material. It combines strength with resilience, will not warp or rot and is highly resistant to the corrosion produced in industrial atmospheres.

In the manufacturing process, machining, welding and drilling processes are carried out to the highest standards. Included in every flagstaff is an internal slipper assembly for the halyard which removes the need for moving pulleys. We also offer a wide variety of mountings and brackets and, if necessary, can produce a custom-built mounting where conventional mountings are unsuitable.

Although the differing needs of customers sometimes requires us to design an installation tailor-made for their individual situations, our standard range of flagstaffs can be supplied in a variety of heights/sizes as required. Our flagstaffs leave our premises ready to fly your flag!

Please contact our sales team for further details of our flagstaffs and banner frames.

Ace Engineers Flagpoles Image